Friday, March 23, 2007

BibleWorks7 and Logos3

I had the opportunity to review both BibleWorks7 and the latest Logos3 Silver (which I upgraded to Gold). (Review is forthcoming in Teaching Theology and Religion from the Wabash Center.) I am finding that I am using both programs regularly but for different purposes. I have fairly decent computer hardware, but Logos is 'palpably' slower than BW7 for doing textual work. Logos is not 'bad' at all, but you know how it is with computers: 10 seconds can feel like a long time. So, when I'm doing fairly straightforward research on the biblical (or related) texts, I use BW7. When I need to do broader research (commentaries, textbooks, etc.), I use Logos.
I suspect, however, that most people (and especially the seminary students I teach), are not going to want to or be able to shell out the money for both programs. So which to recommend? I have accumulated a number of links/reviews, and I have composed a rather lengthy document providing guidance for my students HERE.
I would be interested in hearing what others who have experimented with both programs would recommend.


  1. Mark

    I used to use Logos mainly. As I am interested in the Apostolic Fathers I was forced to use BW7 until recently when I got the AFs in Logos. Now I am going back to Logos.
    Thank you for your suggested Logos workspace.


  2. Your welcome, Noel! The Logos set of AFs look nice, but I'm still satisfactorily working on the cheap with the texts included in BW7. BTW, be sure to note that you can add a few more AF resources by going to User Created Bibleworks Files page and check under "Church Fathers." You can get the translations included in the Ante-Nicene Fathers along with Lightfoot's translation and Schaff's.