Friday, March 23, 2007

BibleWorks7 and Logos3

I had the opportunity to review both BibleWorks7 and the latest Logos3 Silver (which I upgraded to Gold). (Review is forthcoming in Teaching Theology and Religion from the Wabash Center.) I am finding that I am using both programs regularly but for different purposes. I have fairly decent computer hardware, but Logos is 'palpably' slower than BW7 for doing textual work. Logos is not 'bad' at all, but you know how it is with computers: 10 seconds can feel like a long time. So, when I'm doing fairly straightforward research on the biblical (or related) texts, I use BW7. When I need to do broader research (commentaries, textbooks, etc.), I use Logos.
I suspect, however, that most people (and especially the seminary students I teach), are not going to want to or be able to shell out the money for both programs. So which to recommend? I have accumulated a number of links/reviews, and I have composed a rather lengthy document providing guidance for my students HERE.
I would be interested in hearing what others who have experimented with both programs would recommend.

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