Friday, May 4, 2007

Logos Greek NT Workspace

Some postings on the Logos newsgroup have been discussing what peoples' Greek NT Workspace looks like, so I thought I would share mine. Since I regularly go back and forth between Logos and BibleWorks, I have tried to have some continuity between them. In particular, I like BW's tri-column layout of searching > browsing > research.
In the picture below of my workspace, then, you will see that in the top left are my search windows: the Bible Study Starter, and then tabbed below it a Bible Speed Search window and a Search Results one. (Note that I keep the "Target" button enabled on these last two.
That way, when I do a search, the results show up in those windows and don't open a new window that covers up my other ones.)
At the top of the center column are my English versions. I mainly use the NRSV along with the NET Bible and its excellent notes. For comparison sake, I also keep a copy of Peterson's The Message (for a dynamic translation) and the NASB95 (for a formal, literal one).
Below that I keep my Greek NT which for me is the SESB version of NA27. In another tab in that pane I put my BHS Hebrew OT.

To the left on the bottom, I then have resources that match up with the Greek NT, namely, the NA27 Apparatus, Metzger's Textual Commentary, and a copy of the LXX. In this way I can easily have my text in front of me and check out variants, or, when there is a citation of or allusion to the OT, I can have the LXX alongside (and switch to the BHS as desired).
Note that I have my English versions, the Greek NT and its Apparatus, and Metzger all linked. I also have the LXX and BHS linked.
In the right column are all my research tools. BDAG is my primary lexicon, but I also like the Exegetical Dictionary of the NT (EDNT), Louw-Nida's semantic domain lexicon, and the TDNT. I set up my keylink in the Greek NT to find the word in BDAG, and since I have all these
lexicons linked, the others follow right behind.
Also in this column, in addition to the lexicons, I keep two very handy general references for quick lookup work: Harper's Bible Dictionary and Harper's Bible Commentary.
Finally, note that I have added a few icons on the top for quick access to a few other favorite books including some text books and the OpenText Greek NT.
(Click on image for full size.)

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