Monday, January 14, 2008

Unicode Fonts and Biblical Studies

I've posted regularly about using Unicode fonts, and David Instone-Brewer on the Tyndale Tech blog has now compiled an excellent resource on "Unicode Fonts Unite Biblical Studies." He has sections on:

  1. Unicode Installation Easier
  2. Unicode Bibles and Unicode on your Bible Software
  3. Converting old fonts to Unicode
  4. Unicode TLG, with INSTANT lexicon lookup
  5. Unicode Greek & Hebrew Bible on Palms and other PDAs
  6. Help, I've got an old computer!
Especially note in section 1 the detailed information he provides not only on installation but also modification of Unicode keyboards.
Section 3 also has important information regarding conversion of fonts. Galaxie now provides their BibleScript program for free, and it can convert the TrueType BibleWorks fonts and the SBL fonts (SPIonic/SPTiberian) among many others into Unicode. (I am having some problems making it work consistently, but it might help.)

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  1. Ah, if only Apple would add Unicode Hebrew support—at least for viewing—to the iPhone OS! Greek seems to work pretty well.