Saturday, October 18, 2008

Logos Sermon File Addin - Free

As part of Pastor Appreciation Month (i.e., for a limited time), Logos is giving away a free copy of their Sermon File Addin. It is a great way to organize sermons and illustrations by providing integration within Logos and links to any Bible passages cited. Logos states:

The new Sermon File Addin plugs right into Logos Bible Software and provides a way to store, organize and search your sermons and illustrations. As you enter or import your sermons and illustrations, they become a full-fledged Libronix book in your digital library. Your sermons and illustrations show up in Passage Guide. And you can open, browse, search, KeyLink, and mark up the text just like you would any other Logos book!
If you don't have Logos but want to give it a try and see what the Logos program is like, get the free eBible starter from Nelson, set up an account at Logos, and download/unlock the Sermon File Addin. One thing to note that has been a subject of criticism on the Logos newsgroup: when you compile your sermon, the default setting is that it is also published to Logos' database. (See the circled item on the compile screen.)
Regarding this, Logos states:
Select this option in order to submit this sermon to the Logos Sermon Database. Our plan is to make submitted sermons available through a future web service, or an existing online sermon database. By submitting your sermons and illustrations to the online database you grant Logos Research Systems, Inc., and its assigns, a perpetual royalty-free, world-wide license to republish your sermon or illustration. You also create an opportunity for others to benefit from your study and teaching. We will never publish your sermon without attribution.
Hmmm... not so sure I want to grant Logos a "perpetual royalty-free, world-wide license" for my sermons and illustrations...
In any case, it's still a great deal. Thanks, Logos!
(You may need to use the code - PAM2008 - to get it for free.)

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