Saturday, May 23, 2009

Accordance8, BibleWorks7, Logos3, VulSearch4, LaParola: Latin Bible Texts Available

I've previously posted about Latin versions of the Bible available in various Bible software packages. Now that BibleWorks8 is out and in light of some recent user-created additions (way to go, Pasquale!) as well as other developments with Logos, I've updated the charts.

Here is the table available either as an XLS spreadsheet or a PDF file.

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  1. You may want revise this chart considering the number of Latin resources for BibleWorks (as free downloads) has now increased.

    Users can now add the Sistine Vulgate of 1590 (pre-cursor to the Clementine) and the edition immediately after that, the 1592 Clementine edition. Although both are obsolete now in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, they certainly would be valuable to those interested in the Bibles of the Reformation. The previously noted edition of the Clementine Vulgate in BibleWorks, the VUC, is the 1598 revision of the Clementine Vulgate, so both the Sistine and 1592 Clementine editions represent earlier versions in that textual grouping. I do not know what text editions Accordance or Logos uses.

    Also, there was another addition of an early Latin (vetus Latina) text, the Codex Bobbiensis.