Thursday, July 23, 2009

Logos Bible Software on SD Card

You knew that something like this was coming eventually... With the increasing popularity of netbooks, many of which have little storage space and no internal optical drive, the big Bible software programs had to figure out another way of being accessed. There are ways of hooking up a netbook to an external drive or another computer that has an optical drive. (These options from Logos work in general for any program.) Laridian has offered PocketBible for Windows on a USB stick for some time (and it has the advantage of storing your notes on the stick so that they are portable as well).
Logos announced today that you can now directly buy its media on a SD card, a great solution since virtually all netbooks have a built in SD reader. You will still need to buy a base package first (can't this be part of the SD card?), and then you can buy a 2 or 4GB SD card depending on the library you own for $9.95 or $14.95 respectively. Of course you could create your own SD collection of resources and eventually we may all be computing off the cloud, but this is a convenient solution for now.

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