Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bible Software Reviews

I taught a JTerm course last month on "Technological Tools for Biblical Studies." (Go figure...) One of the requirements was to provide a brief review of a couple Bible software resources, either downloadable or online, including programs for mobile devices. Students were to pick from this list I compiled which you may want to check, which I describe thus:
This list of resources reflects free or low-cost Bible study options that might be recommended to persons who may not have original language training or who do not want to invest in the major Bible software programs like Accordance, BibleWorks, or Logos
I set up a course blog where we accumulated all the reviews. Here are direct links to the various reviews:
Thanks to my students for giving me permission to share all their work!


  1. Considering that you made specific mention of programs for mobile devices, and that there are several mentions of Sword Project applications, I'm surprised that no notice was taken of PocketSword for the iPhone.

  2. How did you miss "The Word" ( According to many it's the best out there (and free). Would like to see a review of that one also!

  3. @karl: I'm not sure anyone in my class (of only 7 students) had an iPhone! If you want to write a short review, I added a place for people to add such. (BTW, thanks for the clarifying comments you added on that blog re: Xiphos.)
    @dan: Thanks for pointing out The Word. I added it to my list. It does look quite nice. And if you want to write a short review, I added a place for people to add such on that blog.

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  5. Hi there,

    I've just come across this blog. It looks like you really know the area well. Can you recommend a collection of Christian Classics, especially including the Early Church Fathers?

    I own the IVP Reference Collection, so would quite like something that integrates with that Logos-based software. However, I'm open to trying something new, as long as I can annotate and use it well for exporting quotations.


  6. @DCooling: To get the Early Xn stuff that works w/ Logos, you would need to get a Logos package. Here is the full Church Fathers (Ante-, Nicene, and Post-): - For the cost, though, you might consider just going to the Silver Library w/ which it is included.
    TO get it all for free online, there is no better place to start than CCEL:

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  8. Have you checked out which is a free Bible program? Very, very powerful and feature rich. My website has hundreds of free books for download. I am averaging posting about 50 book modules per week over the last few months. We are slowly building a very large Christian resource library for Bible study.
    Pastor David Cox