Saturday, August 7, 2010

BibleWorks8 - Setting Search Limits

A student recently asked me how to use BibleWorks8 to search the Old and New Testaments, but to exclude the results from the Apocrypha. If you are searching in English (what?!?), then just use a version that doesn't have the Apocrypha... e.g., NET or NAU.
It's trickier in Greek. That is, we want to search only the books in the LXX that are part of Hebrew Bible canon, along with the NT Greek.The task is complicated by the way that the books of the OT are ordered in the Hebrew, Greek, and English versions. There are a couple ways of accomplishing the task, and if you click the graphic above, it will show you a 2'11" video on how to do so. One of the ways I'll show is setting up a custom search limit. You will need to copy the text below and paste it in to BW8.


If I get a chance, I'll try to show how to do the same in Accordance and Logos unless someone else can pull those together quickly. (I'm not as capable at Accordance, so I'm not sure how to do such a full Bible search with a single command. In Logos, I think it requires setting up a LXX/NT collection using the same morphology.)

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