Friday, January 14, 2011

BibleWorks and WORDsearch

I don't see where there has been an announcement from BibleWorks, but WORDsearch has announced that it has "partnered" with BibleWorks to make several of the modules available as BW addins. (kennete had noted it on the BW Forum.) This is an unexpected but interesting development. BW has always focused primarily on the primary texts and translations. There a number of older dictionaries and encylopedias and addin modules already available for BW, and they have promised other developments down the line, but this is the first relationship of this kind for BW. Entries will show up cross-linked in the Resource tab of the Analysis window.
There are some decent resources available and WORDsearch is prominsing more. This link shows you which resources are available. The IVP Dictionaries are worthwhile additions. It looks like you only need to add an installer for the modules to work. Good deal for both companies and for us users...

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