Monday, October 1, 2012

The Scribes by Peter Rodgers

Until 4 October 2012, The Scribes is free as a Kindle download on Amazon. I was reading this book last year and 'enthralled' my students by serially relating the romantic dilemma in the story as it developed. There is Justin (the literalist scribe from Rome who is concerned about exact copying) and Juliana (the scribe from Alexandria who is more open to dynamic renderings). Will they ever be able to find true love when their endings to the Gospel of Mark don't match? Actually, it is a very fun introduction to text criticism and is well worth reading as a historical fiction. (You didn't ever think you'd see "fun" and "textual criticism" together, did you?) Get it for free while you can, but if you miss this offer, it's still worth the $3 regular price as a Kindle download.

HT to Rodney Decker for bringing this to my attention.

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