Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Logos at SBL 2012

Logos had a busy booth at SBL showing off their new Logos 5 running on a variety of platforms. I had a couple questions about the new collections and an export option, and I'm waiting to hear back from them. Specifically,
  • I was wondering about their suggested replacement in Logos 5 for the "Original Languages" library in Logos 4. The new collections advertised on the web site don't have anything comparable. OTOH, the Logos display did include the new Verbum libraries. "Verbum is a cross-platform Catholic library." ("Catholic" here means Roman Catholic.) The "Scripture Study" looks close, but it lists at $890.
  • I am trying to figure out how to export a condensed list of Bible references returned by a search. (I.e., I want something like "Mt 15:32; 20:34, 36; Mk 1:41, 6:34; Lk 10:37") Logos returns those verses but with their text. The closest I can get is a 'compact passage list,' but that still lists each reference in a separate line that can't be exported (as far as I can tell). My search on the Logos forums indicates that I'm not alone in looking for this option.
I did find out that one of the resources that was simply listed in the original list of new material--Lexham Hebrew Septuagint Reverse Interlinear: H.B. Swete Edition--is still coming. I.e., you get the license for it now, and the content will be available later. That will be interesting. I'm guessing that it is basically is using Tov's Hebrew-Greek Parallel Aligned Text and then using Logos' new way of incorporating reverse interlinears as applied to the Septuagint text. This will be very helpful.

Logos has now also also made the "minimal crossgrade" available for current Logos users. Its cost depends on what collection you are crossgrading. A crossgrade, as the Logos site says:
A bare-bones crossgrade to Logos 5. The Minimal Crossgrade includes all the new Logos 5 features and datasets, plus a small collection of resources that equip you to use them.
UPDATE: In the comments, Mark Barnes corrects the information about cross-/up-grading. He states:
The seven core datasets are included in the Core Datasets module, which costs $70. The minimal crossgrade module includes all ten datasets, plus a number of other resources and costs $160.
The core datasets are:
  • Bible Facts:Events
  • Referent Data
  • Phrase Concordance
  • Preaching Themes
  • Reported Speech
  • Thematic Outlines
  • Timeline
You will need to do the minimal crossgrade of your Logos 4 to also get the Bible Sense Lexicon and Clause Search functionality and other features. The free Logos 5 engine upgrade (which would not include any of the new datasets) will likely be released in the first quarter of 2013.

For more on Logos 5, be sure to read my reviews: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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