Thursday, March 30, 2017

Free e-book: Passover as Jesus Knew It
With Passover coming soon, you may be interested in this e-book, Passover as Jesus Knew It. Published in 2014, The American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) offers it for free (email needed to get on ASOR list) as a 15 page e-book. Articles include:
  • "Jesus' Passover" by James F. Strange
  • "Passover as Jesus Knew It" by Helen K. Bond
  • "The Last Passover of Jesus" by James H. Charlesworth
  • "The Passover and Jesus" by Adela Yarbo Collins
  • "Did Jesus Celebrate Passover in Sepphoris" by Eric M. Meyers
HERE is the link, but you may also wish to check out the other free e-books they offer with compilations of articles from the ASOR journal, The Ancient Near East Today.

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