Thursday, July 26, 2018

Jonathan Robie: "Needed - An Open, Trustworthy, Trusted Greek Text"

Jonathan Robie at presents an important argument about the need for an open, trustworthy, trusted Greek text. He writes:
The Bible is at the heart of digital biblical humanities, and open scholarship depends on an open text that can be used in scholarly publications and translations. For the Greek New Testament, the critical editions that can be used in scholarly publications and most translations are not open. The texts that are open are generally not considered acceptable for scholarly publications or translation. Something's got to give.
While arguing for such a Greek NT text, he notes that for the Hebrew OT there is

HT: James Tauber @jtauber on Twitter

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  1. Hi, perhaps unexpected but what if all we needed was a new testament source text that was based on the original hebrew? This is a translation to english but the concept bears repeating with other languages:

    Description of the project:

    First chapter of volume I:

    Volume III the Final reconstruction: