Friday, November 9, 2018

Accordance offers update with new Text Browser

Accordance has announced a free update to version 12.3. If you have Accordance, you will definitely want to update. Read about all the new features here in the release note. There are lots of nice little touches to make using the program easier (options in a Research tab; many improvements to the web browser including locating Scripture references on a web page that can become text links), but I want to highlight the new Text Browser feature.

Those familiar with BibleWorks know that one of its features was its Browse pane which allowed for the display of a verse or verses as found in a customizable collection of Bible versions. Accordance has now added this feature with its Text Browser. Right-clicking on a passage reference in any text display and choosing "Look Up" now includes the option to choose the Text Browser. It looks like this:
This is a great way to compare original texts and translations, and one has access to all the linked tools including the cross-highlighting and instant details information. The texts to display can be customized easily by creating one's own text group. Note also that the number of verses can be selected from 1-9. There is a "compare" option, but it (quite logically) only compares the first two versions in each language. The Text Browser tab, when opened as noted above, automatically ties it to the originating tab, so it's possible to scroll through the text quite nicely. It's also possible to use CTRL (COMMAND)-C to copy all the displayed versions and paste them into a word document. (I do miss, however, the great control of customizing text exports that was available in BibleWorks which surpasses both Logos and Accordance.)

One tip: The text size of each version can be controlled individually or set in the text display defaults, but if you want to increase or decrease font size of all the texts at the same time, just hold down the ALT key as you click on the aA font size icons.

For more info on the Text Browser, be sure to watch Dr. J's video on the Lighting the Lamp Video Podcast.

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