Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Logos Workspace and BW7

I've posted previously and in length about my Logos Workspace. Having followed the Logos newsgroups and the BibleWorks forums, I can add a few updates that have enhanced my use of both programs. (Click on the pic above to enlarge.)

  • Rick Brannan had a fine post on making good use of the Exegetical Guide. You can now see that I've added it in the upper left corner of my workspace, and have linked it to my "Set A" texts which are my primary focus. As Rick notes, be sure to look at the Exegetical Guide "Properties" to customize it to your needs. It's a great way to have lots of information a click away.
  • Adapting a suggestion on the BW7 forum, if you are also using BibleWorks 7 as I do and usually have both programs open, I now have also created an external link to my Logos NRSV, and since my NRSV is part of my "Set A," that also activates my Exegetical Guide.
  • BTW, if you look at the BW7 screen shot, you will also see an external link to "Lookup in Logos Dictionaries." Lack of a good Bible dictionary is a weakness of BW7, but by defining a "Collection" of my favorite dictionaries and other resources in Logos, I can now click on an English word in BW7, and it will activate a search in Logos. It works well.
  • I don't know about you, but the "tips" in Logos that pop up when hovering over a word in Greek or Hebrew texts really are not that helpful. Following a suggestion on the Logos newsgroup, I have instead set up the "Information Window" so that it is consistently available. You can see it located in the lower left corner of my Logos workspace. What you need to do is use Tools>Options>General>Interface and then uncheck the "Use Floating Information Window." Right click on a Greek or Hebrew word and open the "Display Information." Now resize that window and position it where you want it. Now use Tools>Options>BibleTools and go to Preferred Books. On the bottom half of the dialog, pick Greek or Hebrew and select the specific resource you want to use in the Information Window. (I can't find a way to get rid of all those pop up tips, but you can get rid of most of them by going to Tools>Options>Keylinking>Display. Choose the data type [and use the cues in the pop up tip to help you] and choose, "Do not display tip window.)
  • Another thing to learn how to use are those linked sets of texts as I mentioned above and to use the "Search Target" option, especially in the search panes, to keep the number of open windows limited.

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