Saturday, May 24, 2008

Berean Bible Study Freeware

From the Berean Bible Study Freeware website:

BerBible is simplified Bible study freeware that includes the complete ESV (English Standard Version ©2001 by Good News and Crossway Publishers) and the NKJV (New King James Version ©1982 from Thomas Nelson, Inc.) Bibles at no cost.
In addition, you can also download for free the NET (without notes), BBE, KJV, WEB, ASV, Webster, and YLT. It is a compact and fast program with installations available for Windows, PocketPC, and Palm. Don't expect any original language tools, dictionaries, maps, parallel version displays, etc. It is only designed to locate biblical texts quickly and conduct efficient searches on those texts, and it does this job well.


  1. Thanks for this. A quick and clean program is what we all need.

  2. There have been several updates:
    * NASB now available as a free download
    * Updated user interface, including a 'Home-Bible' sync'ed with parallel display of another Bible.

    Lynn Allan (team member of BerBible development team)