Monday, May 12, 2008

ESV and NKJV Bibles for OneNote2007

I've been trying to use Microsoft OneNote2007 a bit. It is a neat program, especially for organization of random notes, associating varieties of files/text/data, and for annotating data. It is not great as a bibliographic tool (compared to something like Zotero), nor is it intended to be a Bible research tool. BUT... over at TabletBible, I discovered that the ESV Bible and now also the NKJV Bible are available as FREE downloads for OneNote. If you take a look at the TabletBible page, you will see how nicely one can annotate the text on a Tablet PC. I'm using it on a desktop, but the graphic above will show you what it looks like and what is possible. (Note that I used the mouse to do highlighting and an attached graphics pad to do the handwriting.) I can imagine how great this would work on a Tablet PC where you could write directly on the screen.

Most of the big Bible software programs have ways of annotating the text or attaching notes. HERE is a recent note on annotating in Accordance. I have found it difficult to highlight text easily in BibleWorks, though it has been easy to add chapter/verse notes. Logos has a much more powerful annotation tool set, and I probably should learn to work with it more, but it still is a lot more work than tapping, typing, and drawing on the screen as in OneNote.

BTW, interested in getting OneNote... and the Microsoft Ultimate Office 2007 for cheap?
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  1. Thanks, looks interesting.

    I was using OneNote quite a bit in the fall for research, but I've been using it less as of late. I love the folder structure and the mark-up options available, but I'm finding without a tablet, you really can't take full advantage of the program.

    I do Precept Bible Studies and use the Precept markup in Logos, but I think OneNote would work much better. Now if only there was a free NASB for OneNote!


  2. I have been trying to find this, but no luck. Do you have a copy you could email me? (remove extra periods!)


  3. I think the will be interesting for you. The program for Bible Study based on Microsoft OneNote.