Thursday, November 20, 2008

BibleWorks version 8 announced

Rubén Gómez got the word out first that BibleWorks version 8 is set to release in mid-late December. Just looking at some of the advance info, it appears that there is a lot to like that warrant this as a major upgrade. I really like the ability to de/select search results. The new Analysis pane tabs for Browse has long been desired, and the easier access to Context, Stats, and X-Refs (enhanced with new resources beside the TSK) is great too. I'll be very interested to see how the Phrase Matching/Related Verse tool works. It looks promising. They've also added some great new resources as part of the base package: Wallace's Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics; Hebrew resourcs from Waltke & O'Connor and Jouon & Muraoka; the full Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers; Bagster's Daily Light; morphologically tagged Greek OT Pseudepigrapha with a modern English translation; the TNIV, and more.

Pricing is the same as the previous version. Check here for screenshots and descriptions of the new features and resources in BibleWorks 8.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this! With some of the features they are advertising I'm sold. I was holding out to see if Logos...who's software I absolutely love...was going to offer a Christmas special. But I think whatever they offer won't compare to what I will gain by adding Bibleworks to my toolbox of resources.

  2. Do you know what all will be included in the Greek OT Pseudepigrapha? I have been waiting for 2 years for Logos to get their tagged version out and I see that it will be arriving within a few weeks. But I would just as soon have it in BW than Logos.



  3. Here's a list: (The data is, I believe, the same as that which is in Accordance's package.)

    1EN 1 Enoch
    2BA 2 Baruch
    3BA 3 Baruch
    3MA 3 Maccabees
    4BA 4 Baruch
    4ES 4 Esdras
    4MA 4 Maccabees
    The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs
    12R The Testament of Reuben
    12S The Testament of Simeon
    12L The Testament of Levi
    12J The Testament of Judah
    12I The Testament of Issachar
    12Z The Testament of Zebulun
    12D The Testament of Dan
    12N The Testament of Naphtali
    12G The Testament of Gad
    12A The Testament of Asher
    12O The Testament of Joseph
    12B The Testament of Benjamin
    AEA Apocalypse of Elijah A
    AEB Apocalypse of Elijah B
    AEJ Aristeas the Exegete
    APE Apocryphon of Ezekiel
    APM Apocalypse of Moses (Life of Adam and Eve)
    APR Apocalypse of Ezra
    APS Apocalypse of Sedrach
    APZ Apocalypse of Zephaniah
    ARI The Letter of Aristeas
    ART Fragments of Artapanus
    CLE Cleodemus Malcus
    DEM Demetrius the Chronographer
    ELD Eldad and Modad
    ETR Ezekiel the Tragedian, Exagoge
    EX1 Exorcism Fragment A
    EX2 Exorcism Fragment B
    HEC Pseudo-Hecateus
    HIJ History of Joseph
    JA1 Penitence of Jannes and Jambres A
    JA2 Penitence of Jannes and Jambres B
    JAS Joseph and Aseneth
    JUB The Book of Jubilees
    LIV Lives of the Prophets
    MRI The Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah A
    MRB The Martyrdom and Ascension of Isaiah B
    ODS Odes of Solomon 11
    ORD Ordinances of Levi
    ORP Orphica
    PEU Eupolemus Concerning Moses
    PHL Philo the Epic Poet
    PHO Pseudo-Phocylides
    PJA Prayer of Jacob
    PJO Prayer of Joseph
    PLE Prayer of Levi
    PRM Prayer of Manasseh
    PSS Psalms of Solomon
    REC History of the Rechabites
    RIC The Rich Man and the Precious Stone
    SBP The Sibylline Oracles Prologue
    SIB The Sibylline Oracles
    TA1 The Testament of Abraham A
    TA2 The Testament of Abraham B
    TA3 The Testament of Adam A
    TA4 The Testament of Adam B
    THE Theodotus
    TJO The Testament of Job
    TMO The Testament of Moses
    TS1 The Testament of Solomon A
    TS2 The Testament of Solomon B
    TS3 The Testament of Solomon C
    TS4 The Testament of Solomon D
    ZEF Zechariah Fragment

  4. Thanks for providing the list, Michael. The thing I'm wondering is that on one page they say, "We now include the Greek text and modern English translation of the Greek OT Pseudepigrapha." On the contents page it indicates that they are including as a new resource Charles' OTP English. I supppose 1913 technically is "modern," but Charlesworth (1985) is more "modern"!

  5. I'm glad to see that BW is offering an upgrade discount if you have version 7 or version 6 (though the 6 to 8 upgrade cost is more than going from 7 to 8). See

  6. @MGVH: Agreed. A newer translation would have been preferable, but I'm guessing that if a license was readily available, it's cost was such that they wouldn't have been able to put in the base package... I mean I guess they have to "cut corners" somewhere in order to maintain their general policy of getting "the essentials" in the base package.

  7. The modern English translation is by Craig Evans. It is a new translation, even more recent than Charlesworth. The Greek texts are licensed from Accordance.

  8. Wow! That is excellent news, Glenn. Craig Evans was a great choice to accomplish this daunting task. Modern indeed!

  9. Oops. You'll have to excuse me. With over 200 versions installed in BW, I missed that detail on Evans ;)