Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday at SBL

Not so much to report today... Caught up with friends, browsed the exhibition hall, attended a number of sessions, and ended the day at the Yale reception.
This picture doesn't do justice to the large area Accordance has at SBL,
but you can admire the beautiful large display monitors!

I did spend a good bit of time with David Lang and Tim Hegg of Accordance. I am working on a followup to an earlier review of Accordance8, and he was able to help this Windows-user figure out how to use Accordance under Mac emulation more effectively. I'm especially impressed with the INFER and REFER features. Here's an important distinction between Macs and PCs I learned. In Windows, if you click on something to select it and then want to delete it, you--naturally, it seems to me--hit the Delete key. On a Mac, however, the Delete key is a forward delete and will not delete the item you have selected. You need to hit the Backspace key instead.

I also got to spend a bit more time with Steve Runge at the Logos exhibit. (Steve is on the left with the vest.)
Steve is offering an introductory session tomorrow on discourse grammar, so I hope to be able to report more on that.

I also got to hear Danny Zacharias of fame present a nice paper on the "The Son of David in the Psalms of Solomon 17."

I have my own presentation on digital resources for biblical mapping tomorrow morning, so I'm going to finish getting ready...


  1. Actually, Macintosh keyboards don't have "backspace" keys. The key to the right of the +/= key on a Macintosh keyboard is labeled "delete." It does move backward by default, when deleting text. But what are you trying to delete, that you couldn't delete by pressing that delete key?

  2. I have both the HDNT and LDGNT by Steve Runge and find I use both more often then any other reference work. Very helpful in following the thread of a passage and in quickly seeing what the author is emphasizing or backgrounding. Great stuff.

  3. Christopher: If I had added an element to a construct search and then wanted to delete it, it doesn't work using Delete on a Win keyboard but only Backspace. When editing a map in the Atlas module, if I created an object that I wanted to delete, same deal.