Friday, March 27, 2009

YouTube EDU

Quite some time ago I had blogged about Greek instructional videos posted on iTunes U. Now Google has responded with a subcategory of YouTube designated as YouTube EDU featuring "videos and channels from our college and university partners." It certainly isn't pretending to provide a comprehensive curriculum of instruction, but it does already have an extensive collection of videos that would be of interest to biblical studies persons. E.g., a search for "Bible" returns 42 videos by such noted scholars and authors as Robert Alter, Bart Ehrman, Jon Levenson, Harold Attridge, Eugene Peterson, Elaine Pagels, David Noel Freedman, Richard Elliott Friedman, Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza, E. P. Sanders, Craig Blomberg, and others. Search for "new testament" adds additional ones by John P. Meier and Amy-Jill Levine and others. You can also check the Directory to see which instititutions are participating in this project. Hit and miss on topics (try "dead sea scrolls"), but worth checking.
[HT: Stephen's Web and note his critique]

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