Friday, March 20, 2009

Zhubert = ReGreek Goes Offline, aka ReGreek has gone offline for good. This is sad, because it really was an outstanding online site for working with the Greek NT and could do some analytical tasks that couldn't be done elsewhere. Why has it gone down? Zack Hubert, the site creator, writes:

It has come to my attention that the MorphGNT team has had to pull their text offline at the request of the German Bible Society, so this site is offline as well. As their database was the heart of the window-dressing we provided here, there's not much to show without it.

There are many great Bible study resources out there, and some new ones that are being built. I encourage you in your efforts to make use of those.

This site will be powered off for good soon.

For more information on the copyright and licensing issue, check HERE. Weston Ruter has done an amazing job in the last month or so reviving the Open Scriptures project, but he and the project have been attentive to being legal and observing copyrights. James Tauber notes that he and Ulrik Petersen have intentions on providing other ways to access the text which would not conflict with the German Bible Society copyright, but in the meantime, it appears that one will have to use the texts by Tischendorf or Westcott-Hort as base texts for any implementation.

(One such possibility is the GreekBibleStudy site which uses Tischendorf for the Greek NT.)

In any case, this is unfortunate news, and there are a number of other sites using the MorphGNT text which will be affected as well. The German Bible Society certainly has a right to their text, but one would hope that they would find ways of being more gracious in allowing it to be licensed.

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