Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye to Gideon['s Bibles]?

Goodbye to Gideon?
New digital Bible could hasten decline of bound Scriptures

That's the attention grabbing headline for this online article at Newsweek by Society and Religion editor Lisa Miller. It is a largely positive review of the recently released Glo Bible which I previously described. It's rather interesting to catch the perspective of Bible software from the secular press. In addition to a description of the program that impressed Miller, there is also some interesting info about the people behind Glo: Nelson Saba ("a Brazilian evangelical Christian who was once, before his conversion, a technology vice president at Citibank") and Phil Chen ("a Taiwanese businessman whose family-owned company, HTC").

I will admit that I'm using digital Bibles far more regularly than print ones, and so I suppose she may not be too far off when she says, does convince me that the leather-bound Bible on every household bookshelf may soon—like records and videocassettes and newspapers—be endangered, if not extinct.

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