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Hebrew Legacy Fonts Converters

Hebrew Legacy Fonts Converters

I have previously tried to list "Greek Legacy Fonts to Unicode Converters." Here are the Hebrew legacy fonts converters of which I am aware. If you know of others, please add a comment, and I will update this post.

Ken Penner's SPTiberian (SBL legacy TrueType) to Unicode (Word macro)

Galaxie BibleScript (Word macro/template)

  • Use the Windows Installer to install Galaxie Greek/Hebrew fonts and Word template
  • Involves a two-step process converting legacy fonts to Galaxie fonts and then to Unicode
  • Hebrew fonts handled: Hebraica/II,
    Bwhebb (BibleWorks), SuperHebrew, SHebrew (Bibloi)
  • Greek fonts handled: Alexandria,
    Koine, Gideon, Mounce, Bwgrkl, SymbolGreekP, Graeca, WinGreek, GraecaII, SuperGreek, Sgreek
SHebrew (from Silver Mountain; used in BibleWindows and Bibloi)

  • Bibloi 8.0 includes a Unicode Type Assistant for SHebrew to Unicode
SIL  (Word template and standalone SILConverters 3.1)

  • This package provides tools through which you can change the encoding, font, and/or script of text in Microsoft Word and other Office documents, XML documents, and SFM text and lexicon documents. It also installs a system-wide repository to manage your encoding converters and transliterators.
  • Among many others, it contains encoding converter map(s) for the following encoding/fonts:

    • SIL Ezra to/from Unicode
    • Hebrew Unicode 4.0 to/from Hebrew Unicode 5.0
Greek and Hebrew Encoding Converter (Ken Penner - online: copy/paste textbox)

  • From: SPTiberian, Linguist HebraicaII, B-Hebrew transliteration, Unicode, SPIonic, Greek BETA, SGreek, LaserGreek, AG, Greek Unicode NFD, Unaccented Greek Unicode, Greek Code Page
  • To: Unicode, Code Page 1255 (Hebrew Windows), SPTiberian, B-Hebrew transliteration, SuperHebrew, Unaccented Greek Unicode, Greek Unicode NFD, Greek BETA, Unaccented B-Greek,
JBLC (paid conversion service for RTF files)

  • Transforms texts with legacy fonts like SuperHebrew, SPIonic, SuperGreek, Bwgrkl, and others to any Unicode font
LaserHebrew Converter
  • $79.95 available for Win or Mac from Linguist's Software
  • LaserHebrew and LaserHebrew II to LaserHebrew in Unicode
  • Note that the Jerusalem font uses the same key mapping as LaserHebrew.
Accordit from Accordance Bible Software (look for it near the bottom of the page)
  • Check AccordIt 2.0 User's Guide
  • Converts LaserHebrew (Linguist's) or Jerusalem (MacBible-Zondervan) to Yehudit (both are non-Unicode)
  • Converts Hebrew to Hebraica II
BibleWorks BWHEBB to Unicode
  • Section 59 on "OLE and DDE" in the BibleWorks8 Help file provides the MSWord macro text to conduct the conversion

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