Saturday, June 5, 2010

Quick Notes: Greek Flashcards and Glo Bible

Danny Zacharias over on Deinde has compiled a great list of Greek flashcard vocabulary options. (Previously discussed here with further info.) So I had to make a link to this Flashcard Scholarship opportunity posted HERE where you have the chance to win $500 by posting a video of you destroying your paper flashcards! (I suspect many students would be happy to do this for free...)

The Washington Post has an article today on: "Glo digital Bible designed to reach a younger generation". It provides some background and describes some applications of it in church settings. Founder of Glo's Immersion Digital, Nelson Saba, is quoted as saying that "it is currently available only for personal computers and laptops, but the intent from its inception was that it would be applicable to mobile devices." (I've posted my own reviews of the Glo Bible HERE and HERE.)

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