Thursday, December 21, 2017

Logos Mobile App Updated

Logos has updated their free mobile Bible app, and it is an excellent upgrade adding tabbed browsing and a reference scanner. Read the full Logos Mobile App update description here.

How do you get tab functionality on a mobile device? Usually I am working full screen with a particular Bible version, but when I want to switch and check the Greek or Hebrew, it usually was a process of going to the library, selecting the version, then navigating to the right passage. In the new app, it's a simple matter of swiping left or right to move to whatever version you've set up. As you can partially see in the screen shot above, I have the Greek New Testament in one full tab, but to the right of it, I have the NRSV and NET Bible in a split screen tab. I have chosen to link those tabs, so they move together. To the left of my GNT, I have the LXX and Biblia Hebraica in tabs which are also linked to each other and to the NRSV/NET. It works magnificently.

Another very nice new feature is Reference Scanner. If I'm looking at a paper text (e.g., a worship bulletin or Bible study handout) with a number of Bible references on it, I can use the Reference Scanner to scan the page using the phone's camera. The app then automatically extracts any Bible references and opens a new tab with all of them available linked and ready to view. Outstanding!
The Logos Apps page provides more information about the free app, but I'm not clear what exactly is available without further purchases. I have a good library of Logos resources, and they are (almost?) all available through the app. The graphic above shows a portion of what two taps on the screen generates as a Bible Word Study.

Locating some things is not immediately obvious (e.g., finding the Reference Scanner), but Logos training videos (Android / iPhone & iPad) are available that will give you further information on the app's availability.

I highly recommend the Logos Mobile Bible app. It's my primary mobile Bible resource.


  1. Mark, I am wondering if you tried to access a parsable data base (either Hebrew or Greek) using the app. I can't seem to figure out how to get the parsings for either Hebrew or Greek, though I have the relevant resources. Thanks! [note that I am totally new to the logos app--using an ipad mini 4)

    1. I can at least confirm that for me, using the SBL GNT, I can touch/hold a word to highlight, choose INFO, and a get parsing and gloss information and ability from there to search or do a word study.

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