Thursday, December 21, 2017

Nine Kinds of Ancient Greek Treebanks

James Tauber retweeted a link to this helpful collection of treebank examples shared by Jonathan Robie. Other than the first one which is from classical Greek, the others are all visual representations of the syntactical structures of Matthew 1.20b. The graphic above is from Accordance, but others are included for the (Logos) Cascadia Syntax Graphs, the Global Bible Initiative Syntax Trees, Lowfat Syntax Trees, OpenText, PROIEL, Syntacticus, and Treedown. Robie also provides some basic information on the syntactical model used by each and how the various schemes are related.
I have not delved deeply into these syntactical treebanks, but I have had occasion to try to use them (I’ve used Logos and OpenText) to search for particular grammatical constructions.

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