Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zotero Everywhere!

I've been a big fan of Zotero, and yesterday (2010.09.22) they announced a new initiative called Zotero Everywhere. Be sure to check the whole announcement, but here's the key part.

Zotero Everywhere is aimed at dramatically increasing the accessibility of Zotero to the widest possible range of users today and in the future. Zotero Everywhere will have two main components: a standalone desktop version of Zotero with full integration into a variety of web browsers and a radically expanded application programming interface (API) to provide web and mobile access to Zotero libraries.

What does this mean and why is it important? Until now, Zotero has been limited to users of Firefox, and it largely works within the Firefox browser. (Remember, though, that Zotero has a plugin that allows easy integration with Microsoft Word or Open Office for easy generation of footnotes and bibliographies.) Now, they are promising integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. There will also be the standalone version available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

I know that I use Zotero for creating my bibliographies as I work online, but I also use it to annotate entries, link to reviews of a book, link to my own resources, etc. It truly is a great research tool.

Zotero Everywhere is not yet available, and the announcement doesn't indicate when it will be, but this is good news.  
[HT: Dan Cohen]