Monday, August 20, 2018

New Bible Software and Interpretation Blog

Glenn Weaver, a longtime member of the BibleWorks team, has just started a new blog, Bible Software and Interpretation. In explaining the purpose of the blog, regarding Bible software, he writes:
Most writings have been sales pitches, reviews, or blog posts about individual program features. What is lacking is an overview of what software can provide for the interpreter, what are its limitations, and how the use of software affects interpretation and how interpretation is likely to change in the future because of the use of software.
I'm glad to see Glenn sharing his vast experience here. If you're interested enough to be reading my blog, you probably should be interested in reading his! 

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Free Intermediate Biblical Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts from Nijay K. Gupta and Jonah M. Sandford

Nijay K. Gupta announced that he is sharing for free an Intermediate Biblical Greek Reader: Galatians and Related Texts co-written with Jonah M. Sandford. Actually, the book is the result of an advanced Greek reading class who used Google Docs to collaborate on the writing of the notes. Read about it HERE. From that page you can find the link to the download which is available as PDF, ePub, or Mobi. The text includes helpful syntactical notes, grammatical/morphological notes, lexical notes, and textual notes. Thanks to Gupta and Sandford for sharing this!