Sunday, October 21, 2007

More on new Microsoft fonts

In an earlier post I talked about the new Microsoft fonts, especially with regard to their support of Greek and Hebrew. Rodney Decker at NT Resources has recently added some comments. He only comments on the "C" fonts, and he neglected noting that Segoe UI does have full polytonic Greek support. Be sure to look at Phil Gons' comment and Decker's PDF, however, to see how to get the fonts by downloading the PowerPoint 2007 viewer rather than needing to have Vista or Office 2007. For now, I'm still sticking with Cardo, because it has all the English, Greek, and Hebrew I need.


  1. Hi ... thought I'd left a comment already, but never mind!

    Just to say thanks for the heads up about SegoeUI having fully Unicode support - I've been looking for an attractive Greek font for Libronix but have struggled with the ones provided, but this is just what I was looking for. Cheers!

    Richard L

  2. I posted a PDF with all the polytonic Unicode Greek fonts that I've found. You might find it of interest.

  3. Thanks, Phil. That's a great help. I posted a rather lengthy comment on your blog regarding the keyboard issue with these fonts...