Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One more time... Greek/Hebrew/English in Logos

Dave Hooton made a good suggestion for finding Hebrew/Greek word pairs on the Logos newsgroup. He wrote:

1. Define a collection with LXX and Hebrew bibles e.g. LXX, LHI (Lexham Hebrew) and Tov
2. Search the collection by verse, using the syntax
Hebrew-word OR Greek-word e.g. הִנֵּה OR ιδου
3. The search results will show graphically where the words align in the bibles and where they do not!
You can display the results in Greek or Hebrew (choose which bible to display).
You can export the results to a Verse List.
I'm still not seeing a way to generate the kind of list that BW7 does for finding all the ways a Hebrew word is translated in the LXX or all the Hebrew words that a LXX Greek word is used to translate.
Using a combination of a BHS/LXX collection and then linking texts, I can, however, take Logos one more step: Using Dave's suggestion, I created a collection composed of the BHS and the LXX. With this collection, I can conduct a search to see how often or not any Greek/Hebrew lemma is rendered by a certain Hebrew/Greek lemma.
For example, I want to find all the times that the Greek lemma λειπω with any prefix is translating a form of the Hebrew עזב and conversely anytime a form of עזב is translated with a form of λειπω.
What I did is ran an Advanced Search, use Textual Query with the parameters:
lemma:({el}*λειπω{/}) OR lemma:marks({he}marks(עזב){/})
and used my Resource Collection and looked by Bible Verse.
Here's what the results look like:
By linking up the LXX, BHS, English versions, and the Tov text, I can see fairly well how the words are related.

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