Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bible software on smartphones

I'm still managing just fine, thank you, with an ancient (3 yrs old!) cell phone that doesn't do anything but work as a phone. I can use that as long as I have my Dell Axim x51v with its VGA 640x480 resolution screen and all my Bible software on it, namely (with main items bolded):

Now, if I am ever going to bother to upgrade my phone, I would like to do so and eliminate carrying around the Axim. I.e., I want a phone that has WiFi, Bluetooth, WindowsMobile to run all my software on my Axim, expandable memory, can function as a modem for a laptop, and... oh, yeah, be a phone. I'm not sure such a phone exists yet (or for how much money?), but another drawback for me has been the small screen size on phones. But maybe this is the solution: This is the not-yet-released REDFLY Mobile Companion. It connects to your phone (USB or Bluetooth), runs off the phone's operating system (WindowsMobile), and provides an 8 inch 800×480 display and a decent keyboard. Read this review of the beta and then check out the linked image gallery, especially this page which shows PocketBible on the screen.I could get used to that! Now if the device sells for its list of $500, I doubt that it would be worth it. Why not just get an ASUS Eee PC instead which is a fully functioning computer selling for $300-500?
Well, I suppose it's fun to think about these options, but I guess I will be keeping my current gear for quite some time yet...

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