Thursday, February 3, 2011

Philadelphia, Sardis, and Izmir / Smyrna

HERE are the 36 pics from this day.
Continuing on from Pamukkale, we headed west, first stopping at Philadelphia. Not much to see here except the remains of a Byzantine church. No one would really stop here except that it is one of the churches mentioned in Revelation...

Sardis, on the other hand, is a great place to visit. Something about the place evokes the sense of its history. The setting of the Temple of Artemis does inspire a sense of awe. It is perhaps more notable that this magnificent temple, now reduced to ruins, has a very early Christian church (a chapel would be a better word) attached to it. No one is worshiping Artemis any more...

On to Izmir, formerly known as Smyrna... There are only some Byzantine remains on the Acropolis, but from there you can see the harbor and some excavations on the ancient agora.

So, we did visit the sites of the 7 churches of Revelation except for Thyatira (which is rather out of the way and not much to see...).


  1. Mark, Thanks for the good photos. What device did you use to do the geotagging?

  2. Hello, Ferrell. I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements9 for special work, but I do all the quick work and organizing in the free Picasa program. Picasa is connected w/ Google, so there is an easy geotagging link between Picasa and Google Earth. When I upload the pics to the (free 2Gb) Picasa web album, it preserves the geotagging link and connects to Google maps. Pretty slick!