Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Viewing Texts in Parallel Using BibleWorks8

In my previous post, I indicated all the English Bible versions that one might compare using a literal to dynamic scale.

For BibleWorks users, the next issue is how to view these versions in parallel. Do you want the texts horizontally or vertically aligned? How do you maximize the viewing area? How can you easily export them into a Word Doc?

I put together a PowerPoint that shows you eight different ways of doing so in BW8. You can either take a look at this PDF handout of the PowerPoint or play it online using SlideRocket. 

If you have another favorite way of working with texts in parallel, please leave a comment!


  1. hey can i do parallel columns with hebrew and english or greek and english?

  2. ... Or with Hebrew, Greek, and English! Yes, all are possible. You can choose any versions to display in the browse window by using the dropdown menu (at the top of the browse window) or by typing in "d ___" in the command line and using the abbreviations of the desired versions (separated by a space: eg, d kjv nrs bgt). You can also use the Parallel Versions and create favorite views.

  3. How could we choose the version of any other languages like Spanish and all .. can we do it by the same method ?

  4. @joseph Waldman: Yes, it works for Spanish as well. Use the same methods as described above along with one of your Spanish versions: RVA, RVG...