Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BibleWorks Lectionary Module Addin

Thanks to the work that Jenee Woodard does at The Text This Week ( in providing lectionary resources (and for her permission to use the tables she created for years A, B, and C) and the amazing job that Pasquale Amicarelli does in converting html into BibleWorks modules, there is now a BibleWorks module that lists all the texts for Years A, B, and C of the Revised Common Lectionary. Within BW, it is a great way to see if and when a text is used. (The link will show up in the Resource Summary tab.) As a help file, it is very nice to have the weekly texts at your fingertip or just hover over them to get a quick idea of what the text is about.

Click HERE to download the module. (Unzip the files into your /databases directory. If necessary be sure to "unblock" the .CHM file.) I'll also pass the zip file along for Hanel and Darlack to post on the master list at The BibleWorks Blog. (ZIP file updated 2007.05.24 and now works correctly)


  1. Glad you could get this done. I linked to your post here

  2. You will want to rename the .chm file within the zip to exclude P1 at the end of the name or else it will not work properly in BibleWorks. I have already done this in the zip file on the BibleWorks blog.

  3. ZIP file has been corrected with proper files/names. It will work fine now. Thanks for noting the problem, Mike.