Thursday, June 7, 2007

Tim Bulkeley's Biblical Studies Work

I've long admired the work that Tim Bulkeley has done on the web, especially his pioneering Amos Hypertext Bible Commentary that serves as the starting point for the larger Hypertext Bible Project. If you haven't done so already, it really is worthwhile to visit the Amos site. This project demonstrates a whole new approach to Bible commentaries, not simply because it is online, but also because it demonstrates the possibilities of linking all sorts of material together in ways that are simply impossible with a book. Furthermore, the project is envisioned as a collaborative and ongoing, peer-reviewed project.
Tim has also been busy with the podbible site, a collection of podcast readings of chapters from the Bible using the CEV. Even more interesting, I think, are the podcasts he is now sharing at his 5 Minute Bible site. These 5 minute or so reflections on biblical passages are a great way for people to grab some helpful perspectives on a text. Sort of like biblical studies in healthy, snack food packaging!
But wait, there's more... more of Tim's work is posted on his ebibletools site, but I especially want to highlight the work he is doing on images, descriptions, and video of archaeological sites. He shares some fine pictures of some selected sites in Israel, but I especially like the "Introductory Tour" videos he has produced. This provide excellent overviews that I find extremely helpful.
In all this work, I think Tim is exploring some new edges for biblical studies using the new technologies available to us.

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