Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tov Parallel Aligned Hebrew-Greek in Logos and BW7: Follow-up

In light of the previous discussion on the implementation of Tov's work, here's a quick follow-up on what it looks like in Logos and BW7.
LOGOS: The text and the relationship between Hebrew/Greek words is very easy to 'see' in Logos. The data is not tagged, however (hence, the inability to search for lemmas), but basic searches can be run on particular forms. (Note that one can use wildcards at least to find, for example, a variety of forms of nouns: λογ* will find all forms of λογος.) This resource can be "linked" (using the chain-link icon) to other texts.
BibleWorks7: There is a rather extensive implementation of Tov in BW7 that is best understood by clicking on the graphic. Note that Tov does run in a window separate from the main BW7 window, but both can be open, and double-clicking a text in the Tov window moves the focus to that verse in the main window.

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