Friday, December 7, 2007

Recent Posts: BW7 and Logos blogs

I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to make best use of this blog. Anyone reading this is probably already also reading the Logos and BibleWorks blogs, but in case you aren't...

  • The Logos blog has a great article by Phil Gons on External Linking to Libronix Resources and Reports. He notes the ways you can use these to provide additional information to anyone using Logos, whether it be on a web page or a footnote in a Word DOC. In addition, I am using it to create links in my BibleWorks notes to Anchor Bible Dictionary articles in Logos, since BW7 doesn't have a very good dictionary included. (How to do this? In Logos, use the ALT-CTRL-C shortcut to copy the jump link. In the user notes in BW7, add a link to text in the user or editor notes, and copy the link into the "Link Text" window.)
  • And speaking of BW7, Michael Hanel just posted downloadable Hebrew Accent Color and Consonantal Text files.

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