Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This and that: Virtual Rome, Codex Gigas, Greek NT Visualization

Just recording some interesting stuff I noticed today:

  • Virtual Ancient Rome: Here is the article, and here is the web site. You only get a glimpse of the actual museum experience at the online site, but the concept is promising. Actually, I'm waiting for the development of a whole slew of ancient cities. There is a lot of 'building' going on in SecondLife, so I suspect it is just a matter of time.
  • Codex Gigas, aka "The Devil's Bible," is online and completely digitized. Nicely done site with lots of information as well as the ability to browse (and even download images of) the ms. in very high resolution.
  • I've commented on the data visualizations at many eyes before, but I just found this one provided by James Tauber (MorphGNT). This one looks at Greek Nominal Suffixes, but you can change the parameters to create your own visualizations. When I teach Greek, I focus on a minimal set of paradigms, and this kind of visualization can be used to reinforce the frequency of different types of endings. For example, enter nsm (for Nominative, Singular, Masculine), and you will get the display below. (It's better to do this interactively on the site.) What this shows is how often -ος (ie, os) is the usual ending, but you can also see the -ης (ie, hs) of the first declension masculines and especially the -ων (ie, wn) of the participles.

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