Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Accordance8, BibleWorks7, Logos3, VulSearch4, LaParola: Latin Bible Texts Available

The history of the Latin text of the Bible--and especially of the Latin Psalter--is rather complicated. (Check out the charts I supply here.) I've compiled a table that shows which Latin texts (basically the Clementine, Biblica Sacra Vulgata, and Novo Vulgata) are included in the three big Bible software programs of Accordance8, BibleWorks7, and Logos3 with their shortcut abbreviations and availability. Links are provided to online resources, and I have also included the specifically Vulgate translations of Wycliffe and the Douay-Rheims.
Here is the table available either as an XLS spreadsheet or a PDF file.
UPDATE 2008.08.26: As Pasquale notes in the comments, Vulgata Clementina is available for BW7. I found a PBB of the Douay-Rheims for Logos. I added a column for VulSearch. Files have been updated.
UPDATE: 2008.09.05: Added the fine LaParola program (free) which includes Stuttgart Vulgate fully tagged and linked to Latin Words. Files updated.


  1. Ciao,
    in BibleWorks there is also VUC (Vulgata Clementina) an user module


  2. At last Accordance 8 has the complete tagged Vulgate. VULG-T now includes the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament.