Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's New: Accordance, BibleWorks, Logos

A bunch of updates on each of these major programs:

Accordance: I had posted previously about how I evaluate Bible software, and I included a set of typical tasks that I want my software to be able to do. David Lang responded with two excellent posts here and here showing off Accordance capabilities at accomplishing such work.

BibleWorks: Michael Hanel and Jim Darlack have been busy getting the BibleWorks blog reset at the new site. A number of new, user-created resources (largely thanks to Pasquale Amicarelli) have been added: Von Soden's NT, a number of older Hebrew grammars, Barclay's translation of the Talmud, Ms. B of Sirach in English, and more. Michael also found a very helpful introduction to BW7 posted on the Yale Divinity Library site.

Logos continues to add to their collection of digital resources. Here is a helpful post by Phil Gons on commentaries which includes a pointer to the excellent BestCommentaries site. There have also been helpful posts on searching collections and using the Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary.

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