Monday, November 17, 2008

REVIEW: QuickVerse 2009 Standard & Parsons Bible Atlas

I have posted a full review of the recently released QuickVerse 2009 Standard edition. The main focus of the review is on the mapping resources within the new QuickVerse 2009 for Windows program, namely, Hammond's Atlas of the Bible and especially the Parsons Bible Atlas (2nd ed.). Especially of note in this release is the integration of the Parsons maps with Google Maps online.


  1. They're really following the Word 2007 look, aren't they!

  2. Yes, they do indeed use the "ribbon" interface. QV2009 is actually a good implementation of it that makes it easy to get around. (I don't like the ribbon in Word 2007 since it is so difficult to work w/ all my old customizations and such...) The only drawback in QV2009 is that the ribbon takes up a lot of screen space.