Friday, February 13, 2009

First Online Virtual Library of Medieval Works

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts
reported in SpaceMart:

Two years ago [UCLA Asst. Prof. Matthew] Fisher, former UCLA Professor Christopher Baswell, two graduate students and a computer developer decided to collect links to every manuscript from the eighth to the 15th century that had been fully digitized by any library, archive, institute or private owner anywhere in the world.
Last December the researchers officially opened the Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts that links to nearly 1,000 manuscripts by 193 authors in 20 languages from 59 libraries around the world.
Note that in addition to a ms. search function, you can also browse by location of ms., shelfmark, author, title, or language. Anything medieval is usual way too modern for a NT guy like me, but it does include quite a number of biblical mss. Below is a screen capture of Codex Delta, a 9th century Greek/Latin ms. of the Gospels. Shown is the (longer) ending of the Gospel of Mark and below it are Eusebian references to sections in Luke which follows.

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