Friday, June 19, 2009

Logos Bible Software Forums

I and many others never were entirely happy with the newsgroup support for Logos software. It meant having to open up and set up Outlook Express (or some other news reader) and then plowing through the multitude of posts. The size of the newsgroup postings kept getting bigger, and if you deleted any thread, it would still come back to life in the ongoing responses to it. And if you deleted a thread and then wanted to find something in a deleted thread, it meant unsubscribing and resubscribing and then having the whole mess back on your computer. Another major problem for me was that I am regularly using two different computers, and that meant having to plow through the same stuff twice.
So, I am happy to report that Logos has now started the Logos Bible Software Forums, a web-based, online discussion and support forum. The newsgroups will be allowed to continue, but they will eventually become irrelevant. (Material from the newsgroups will not be moved into the new forums.)
This is very good news, and in just a few days of being online, there is a ton of activity.
Some good things:

  • You can browse by forum topic (General, Mac, Suggestions, Beta, Espanol) or by recent activity.
  • It's easy to see unread messages, and you can mark all messages read in a forum.
  • You can jump in to the forums from any computer at any time and it will remember what you've read or not.
  • You can subscribe to a forum, but I'm not sure how often it shoots out updates to you. (Does someone know?)
  • You can get updates as an RSS feed.
  • You can also browse the posts by using the tag cloud.

Some things to improve/fix:
  • I may be missing a preference setting, but it does not seem to me that you can see any threaded view. I.e., if I reply to a specific post in the middle of a forum thread, my response will show up at the end of the thread with no indication of the post to which I am responding.
  • There must be a glitch in the response window. I can't seem to insert any links. The insert link box appears (which looks to be based on WordPress), and I enter the data, but clicking on Insert does nothing. (I had to use the HTML view to create links.)
Thanks for this support resource, Logos!


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