Thursday, July 23, 2009

BibleWorks: New Aramaic Resources

As reported today on the BibleWorks forum:

We are pleased to announce new Aramaic resources available for BibleWorks 8.

The first new resource is the Introductory Lessons in Aramaic, by Eric D. Reymond. This introductory Aramaic grammar includes exercises, answers to the exercises, and a glossary.

The second new resource is a set of Aramaic Paradigms for Aramaic verbs, produced by Jan Verbruggen. Included in a future update will be the full set of sound files by Jan Verbruggen for each paradigm. The sound files will be posted shortly, after making some adjustments to the updater to install the sound files correctly.

This is a free download for BibleWorks 8 users.

It is available through the BibleWorks 8 updater under Help | BibleWorks on the Internet | Check for updates.
This continues BibleWorks' tradition of providing some new resources for free.


  1. Awesome! More Aramaic resources in BibleWorks is excellent news! Many thanks for this update. Now, what we really want to see in BibleWorks is the Aramaic Old Testament!

  2. BW8 already has it... From their web page:
    The Targumim, parsed, lemmatized and tied to entries in the Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon. Also included:

    * FragTargums with morphology, TgSheniSuppEsther with morphology, TgTosefProphets with morphology
    * Psalms Targum (English)
    * Rodkinson Babylonian Talmud and Mishnah
    * Targum Cairo Geniza with morphology
    * Targum Jerusalem on the Pentateuch (English) (Etheridge)
    * Targum Neofiti with morphology
    * Targum NeofMarginalia with morphology
    * Targum Onkelos on the Pentateuch (English) (Etheridge)
    * Targum Pseudo Jonathan on the Pentateuch (Etheridge)
    * Targum PseudoJonathan with morphology
    * Targumim (Mostly Onkelos and Jonathan) with morphology (updated 2005)