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Hebrew Legacy Fonts Converters

Hebrew Legacy Fonts Converters

I have previously tried to list "Greek Legacy Fonts to Unicode Converters." Here are the Hebrew legacy fonts converters of which I am aware. If you know of others, please add a comment, and I will update this post.

Ken Penner's SPTiberian (SBL legacy TrueType) to Unicode (Word macro)

Galaxie BibleScript (Word macro/template)

  • Use the Windows Installer to install Galaxie Greek/Hebrew fonts and Word template
  • Involves a two-step process converting legacy fonts to Galaxie fonts and then to Unicode
  • Hebrew fonts handled: Hebraica/II,
    Bwhebb (BibleWorks), SuperHebrew, SHebrew (Bibloi)
  • Greek fonts handled: Alexandria,
    Koine, Gideon, Mounce, Bwgrkl, SymbolGreekP, Graeca, WinGreek, GraecaII, SuperGreek, Sgreek
SHebrew (from Silver Mountain; used in BibleWindows and Bibloi)

  • Bibloi 8.0 includes a Unicode Type Assistant for SHebrew to Unicode
SIL  (Word template and standalone SILConverters 3.1)

  • This package provides tools through which you can change the encoding, font, and/or script of text in Microsoft Word and other Office documents, XML documents, and SFM text and lexicon documents. It also installs a system-wide repository to manage your encoding converters and transliterators.
  • Among many others, it contains encoding converter map(s) for the following encoding/fonts:

    • SIL Ezra to/from Unicode
    • Hebrew Unicode 4.0 to/from Hebrew Unicode 5.0
Greek and Hebrew Encoding Converter (Ken Penner - online: copy/paste textbox)

  • From: SPTiberian, Linguist HebraicaII, B-Hebrew transliteration, Unicode, SPIonic, Greek BETA, SGreek, LaserGreek, AG, Greek Unicode NFD, Unaccented Greek Unicode, Greek Code Page
  • To: Unicode, Code Page 1255 (Hebrew Windows), SPTiberian, B-Hebrew transliteration, SuperHebrew, Unaccented Greek Unicode, Greek Unicode NFD, Greek BETA, Unaccented B-Greek,
JBLC (paid conversion service for RTF files)

  • Transforms texts with legacy fonts like SuperHebrew, SPIonic, SuperGreek, Bwgrkl, and others to any Unicode font
LaserHebrew Converter
  • $79.95 available for Win or Mac from Linguist's Software
  • LaserHebrew and LaserHebrew II to LaserHebrew in Unicode
  • Note that the Jerusalem font uses the same key mapping as LaserHebrew.
Accordit from Accordance Bible Software (look for it near the bottom of the page)
  • Check AccordIt 2.0 User's Guide
  • Converts LaserHebrew (Linguist's) or Jerusalem (MacBible-Zondervan) to Yehudit (both are non-Unicode)
  • Converts Hebrew to Hebraica II
BibleWorks BWHEBB to Unicode
  • Section 59 on "OLE and DDE" in the BibleWorks8 Help file provides the MSWord macro text to conduct the conversion


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  2. Thank you very much for posting these helpful tools.

    I am currently creating an ebook from a reference work that uses the legacy transliteration font SP Atlantis. Do you know of any tools to convert SP Atlantis to Unicode?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing these pre-Unicode or legacy font system. They provides a means of working with biblical Hebrew texts in an encoding. These unites thirty-one professional Hebrew font creators.

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