Sunday, July 10, 2011

Biblical Texts for Kindles

So, you got yourself a Kindle, and you are looking for some biblical stuff to put on it. (And the cheaper, the better...) Remember that these are not Bible software programs but just have the text. I'm also only considering biblical texts and not books or commentaries about the Bible. There are some odd-looking, privately-published texts available, and I'm not sure how Kindle-friendly each of these is, but here are some good options to consider to get started:






  1. FYI the SBL Greek New Testament is available for free directly from OSNOVA:

  2. For the SBL GNT: The OSNOVA edition uses * for the siglum that marks a single word as having variants in the apparatus, ( ) for the sigla marking a phrase as having variants. For verses containing variants, the verse number is underlined; you click it to access the apparatus for that verse. Navigation is via search rather than TOC or index, which is pretty handy: just start typing a book abbreviation. Still, I imagine some users would like to have a TOC.

    I gather from a review at that the Logos Kindle implementation uses a single siglum to mark both single-word and multiword places of variation. Maybe someone can describe navigation in the Logos Kindle implementation.

  3. The Lutheran Study Bible (Concordia Publishing House) is also available, though it costs a hefty $34.99.
    Amazon Kindle Store.

  4. In addition to SBL GNT, we offer a bunch of other high-quality Bible publications for the Kindle. See
    For example,
    Our also carries publications that Amazon would not sell (e.g. Greek, Chinese, Russian, etc. Bibles/NTs)

    We do have TOC, DVJ and several other navigation methods, see