Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Matthew 18.15-20

I am happy to report that an article I wrote on Matthew 18.15-20 (the Gospel text for the upcoming Sunday, 2011.09.04) is now online at the Huffington Post in their Religion section. This is part of a collaborative venture with the Odyssey Networks ON Scripture project. The goal was to have very fresh and timely reflection on a lectionary text for the coming Sunday. It's an interesting project in that it is not intended particularly for pastors preparing for sermons but for inquisitive laypersons. It encourages a Christian perspective but one that is more outward directed than in-church directed. It was a good challenge.

And in the category of 'God-cidences,' this largely came about because one of my Greek students from long ago is now Director for Philanthropy at Odyssey Networks. Thanks, Mary Brown!

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