Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BibleWorks on a Mac - Update!

BibleWorks has just announced that after several months of work with the developers at CodeWeavers they have released a "Public Preview Mac Installer" that allows you to run BW on a Mac natively. It has been previously possible to run this Windows program either in a virtual machine on your Mac or by using a dual-boot setup, but for each of these, there was the extra cost of getting a Windows license and/or the VM software. 

The new Mac installer is free, but it does require that you have BibleWorks 9, rev. 3 or better. (If you have an earlier revision of BW9, you can order the DVDs needed for $25. If you have BW8 or earlier, then you should either upgrade or check out Matt Day's very helpful guide to make BW work on a Mac in the most effective and economical way.) Below is a chart indicating the relative dis/advantages.
Be sure to check out the system requirements, and then check out your options and download the new free installer from THIS PAGE
UPDATE: This installer is free until 10/15/2012. After that it is $6.
BTW, if you are interested, my recommendations for a customized installation are HERE.

UPDATE: Be sure to check this post on the BibleWorks Forum for more info about the new installer. It also includes directions on how to install BW9 if you don't rev. 3.

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