Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving to Logos 5

I recently posted a 3-part review of Logos 5.Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

On their blog, Logos has now posted the clearest explanation of the many different ways you can move to Logos 5. It's all logical enough, but it is still complicated enough that you are better off just using the online calculator or calling them.
A few things to note since the earlier reviews:
  • I had posed a question about getting condensed verse lists from search results. I have confirmed that you cannot get such a list (e.g.: Matthew 1:1; 2:2-4; Mark 6:34) In one of the recent updates, however, Logos has now made it possible to create a "Passage List" from any of the searches which can be displayed as a compact list with each reference on a separate line. I still want the condensed reference list to paste into documents.
  • I had been aware of the "Biblical Languages" package, but Logos was not promoting it since it is only available to institutions that require their students to have Logos. (They note as much in the blog post.) I have not yet seen what is in the package, but it apparently is similar to the Bronze package, though I'm guessing it has additional original language resources.
  • There have already been a number of updates to Logos 5, but it has been fast, stable, and reliable for me.
  • Logos has updated their splashscreen logo and the logo as it shows up in your task bar. I have them displayed above.