Sunday, July 7, 2013

Choosing a Bible Atlas - Part 2 - Advice?

In a previous post, I laid a background for my quest for a Bible atlas to use in a class I will be teaching, "Survey of the Lands of the Bible." I have surveyed many atlases, and there is a rather lengthy collection of my summary reviews on this page.

Again, my perspective is not an expert one, reflects my personal preferences, and is oriented to selecting a core textbook for my class. If you don't want to go through the long listing linked above, I have condensed all my work down to my "Top Ten (Eleven) Recommended Bible Atlases."

I'm still trying to choose, however, the best book for my class. From that top ten list, three rose to the top for my purposes:
The Moody and Zondervan atlases are somewhat similar, and I have a preference for the Moody. (Additional bonus: The Moody Atlas is included in BibleWorks9 which many of my students already own.) So, I really am trying to choose between the Crossway and Moody atlases.

I would really appreciate hearing from people who have classroom experience (either as teacher or student) with either of those atlases. Please leave a comment! I have read Phillip Long's helpful conclusions, but he is a bit torn between the Crossway and Moody as well.

Thanks for any insight or experience you can provide.

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